Fair Trade Forum – India (FTF-I)

Fair Trade Forum – India (FTF-I) is the national network for Fair Trade in India that enables more than 100000 grassroots level Fair Trade producers including artisans & farmers to improve their businesses through greater engagement with the Fair Trade. Majority of them are from the rural areas. FTF-I represents WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation), the global network for Fair Trade, in India. FTF-I also promotes sustainable consumption and fair services with special emphasis on developing domestic market for Fair Trade in India.

In India, Fair Trade movement is now getting momentum at consumer level, as a tool to realise sustainable consumption, which helps consumers to give due consideration to the development needs of the marginalised, while taking purchasing decisions. For marginalised producers– artisans & farmers, it is an opportunity to earn dignified income and attain overall development.

At present FTF-I has 101 members, which includes 87 organisations and 14 individuals. More than 5000 groups are working with the FTF-I’s member organizations.