Success Stories: Education Sponsorship


Soni (11 years): “I am happy to continue my education

Education sponsorship child from the village Nikau in Uttar Pradesh

Soni- Education Sponsorship

Three years ago Soni was enrolled under Tara education sponsorship programme. The purpose of the sponsorship programme is to provide the education support to the needy and deserving marginalized children, who are prone to child labour. Today Soni is 11 years old. She has three brothers and one sister. Her father works as a mechanic – not a very steady job in this part of India. And her mother cannot work because of her poor health.  Her father couldn’t earn enough to put his children through school, cannot bring enough money home both her big brother and her big sister had to drop out of school.

Thanks to Tara educational programme, Soni can continue her schooling in her village Nikau Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh). According to the Teacher, she is regular in her studies and active in extra-curricular activities. Due to this support her parents are also changing their mindset towards girl’s education and encourage her to go to school regularly. We wish she continues her studies and pursues her dream of becoming a teacher.