Education Sponsorship Program

An education sponsorship project was initiated in April 2010 in collaboration with Naya Jiwan, an organization from Denmark working for the school going children from the marginalized section of the society. It was decided that the pilot project would cover 100 children to begin with; belonging mainly to slums in Delhi suburbs and the villages of North Indian state, Uttar Pradesh.

Tara Social team conducted surveys and made a study in the slums and resettlement colonies in the target areas to identify the deserving children. The project aimed to support the children between the age group of 5-15 preferably girls to complete their basic education. The surveys and study covered the resettlement areas like Bawana, Sunder Nagri, Indira Camp slum, and Badarpur in Delhi. Survey was also conducted in Pataudi village in Haryana, Nikau village and Purdilpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Based on the study and survey, 70 children were selected for the educational sponsorship during the year. These children were from economically poor families, who dropped out from their schools at an early age. Instead of attending school, they had been working in the agricultural fields or in handicrafts industry. Many girl children who were selected for sponsorship were earlier denied educational opportunities by their families and they had been confined to either house hold work or decorating the bangles which helps the family to earn some more money.


Success Stories