Livelihood Generation

Livelihood Generation Opportunities for the Grassroots Artisans

Livelihood generation is one of the main activities of Tara. At present we are working with more than 1000 craft artisans families directly and indirectly by providing sustainable work through its Fair Trade actions.

The producers were identified on the basis on social and economic considerations with basic knowledge or interest in craft production. Tara imparts training and capacity building to enhance their skills to be able to run their economic initiatives successfully. It is also insured that they are getting dignified incomes on a sustainable basis. Supporting as much as possible those who are need based, yet not skilled enough to contribute to their family incomes having direct impact on their families.

Tara also encourages and supports to learn the craft‐skills by working with producer groups. Such investments reach out to producers especially women who are not encouraged to become empowered due to religious conservatism and social customs.

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Ethical Finance Support

Ethical Finance is one of the constructive tools to deal with the problem of poverty. The credit through bank continues to be a challenging process for such people who belong to below poverty line. Therefore, Tara is committed to provide beneficiaries in need of financial support at the rural and urban level in order to make them self dependent, generating livelihood and are able to live their life with respect and dignity. Till today we have provided the support to more than 250 individuals.

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Capacity Building

Under the capacity building programme Tara has been conducting various programmes for building capacities and enhancing knowledge of the artisans, staff and other community beneficiaries by organizing a number of trainings and workshops on skills development, design development on regular basis. Tara also provides support to the artisans to construct/develop their workshops.

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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is one of the main goals of Fair Trade. Women’s are often oppressed in our society. They have less say in the family decisions. Till today the girl child are considered as curse in different parts of our country. In order deal with this disparity Tara organizes various campaigns and marches for Women Rights. Tara identifies their potential and develops their skills though regular training programmes with the objective to make them self sufficient. They are also organized into Self Help Groups and provided credit support to initiate livelihood generation activities and support their families.


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