Health Programmes

Access to Health care is one of the biggest challenges in India. Especially for the underprivileged people are no adequate health facilities available. Tara has been working on health issues from the past for many years. We consider health care programmes for the marginalized people, particularly artisan’s communities, as one important requirement of our society.

Health Insurance 

Health insurance is one important action within the health programme of Tara Projects. We provide a free health insurance to all our artisan we are working with.


Medical Health Camps

Moreover Tara organizes medical health camps for the artisan communities on regular basis. Till today more than 10000 persons are provided free medicines and other medical support though these health camps.  In addition we are doing health awareness programmes for the artisans communities to create awareness on preventive health activities on regular basis.


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Mutual Health Organization

With objective to ensure a better health care to all the artisans, their family members as well as the community, TARA has established a project on Mutual Health Organization (MHO) in the area of Badarpur, Delhi. That way improved health care facilities could be provided and within regular programmes are organized to benefit the larger community. In most cases the people of this area didn’t get the right and necessary treatment before.

More than 900 members within this project are provided with the beneficial health care. The community members can take the medical support from its newly established dispensary/ health care centre. It provides a full time medical doctor and a paramedic for providing primary medical support as well the day care facility.

Doctor with patient Day Care center MHO

The MHO can be seen as an alternative model as it is self sustainable and not dependant on the government. By ‘Mutual’ we mean a system in which the beneficiaries themselves participate, a system which is governed by them so that they feel the responsibility for making a success. It is a completely transparent system in which the members, with expert guidance, decide about the help to be given to themselves. They themselves lay down the rules and follow them. That way it is a big help for them in times of their health needs. Moreover it teaches them how to behave responsibly to minimize their health risks.