Education Programmes

Education is a Human Right. It plays a very important role in poverty alleviation and is very essential for the development of any society. Especially children of poor sections regularly have no access to the necessary education. Though there is Right to Education in India, it still is a challenge to be implemented. Furthermore Child labour is widely prevalent in many parts of the country.

Therefore we implemented various programmes to ensure education for marginalized children in India. Under this education program Tara runs informal learning centers, implementing education sponsorship programmes as well as providing vocational training to the deserving women in the communities.


Education Learning centers

Tara is running several informal learning centers to provide a platform to the unprivileged children in the concerned communities. At present we are providing non formal education to more than 1000 children through 10 leaning centers in various parts of Northern India. At the same time the learning centers help us to reach out to the parents and to organize awareness programs on several social issues such as child labour.

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Education Sponsorship 

The education sponsorship project was initiated in April 2010 in collaboration with Naya Jiwan, an organization from Denmark, working for the school going children from the marginalized section of the society. The project aims to support children between the age of 5-15 years, preferably girls, to complete their basic education. In most cases the supported children were involved in home-based child labour and the parents are not able to afford the educational requirements. According to conducted surveys ad studies the slum- and resettlement colonies Bawana, Sunder Nagri, Indira Camp slum, and Badarpur in Delhi as well as in the Pataudi in Haryana, Nikau village and Purdilpur in Uttar Pradesh were defined as the target areas for the project.

Presently 180 children are being supported under the sponsorship programme within Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. These children are from economically poor families, who dropped out from their schools at an early age. Instead of attending school, they had been working in the agricultural fields or in handicrafts industry. Many girl children who were selected for sponsorship were earlier denied educational opportunities by their families and they had been confined to either house hold work or decorating the bangles which helps the family to earn some more money.


Promotion of Importance of Education

Tara uses a holistic approach in its intervention by making children more aware about their right to education, providing them means/support to go to school, supporting them through tuitions (alternative education support) and some other learning techniques at the same time helping their families by creating livelihood opportunities for them.

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Computer Education Programme 

A healthy and prosperous society is directly related to the quality of vocational skills it possesses. The good quality vocational skills can bring the required growth/empowerment and prosperity to the society. Tara has been actively engaged in providing vocational training, capacity building, informal education and support services to craft producers in their communities. The aim is to empower them to achieve sustainable existence in the long run. Tara is providing vocational tailoring skills through its five centers to more than 200 young girls/women and computer education to more than 50 young students every three months. Various skill development training programmes on spices grinding, detergent/soap making, recycle newspaper bag making, craft making are organized on regular intervals for the young girls/ women and males in order to set up livelihood generation activities in various parts of India.

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